​Selena L. ★★★★★
Vancouver, Canada
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5.0 star rating11/23/2020 Updated review

 Korean Iron Perm
Amy was my long-time stylist for 19+ years and she is just absolutely lovely, so attentive, kind, creative, and skillful. She knows exactly what I need every time. She would take her time and never rush her clients. She also provides amazing services such as large screen tv with streaming services including movies and tv shows, wifi, a bar with snacks, coffee and drinks, etc. I felt so comfortable and at ease each time I came here.

I heard about Korean Iron Perm that a lot of Korean pop stars had and they look so good. Since I had long hair and I want to have that perm too. Fortunately, Amy also provides that service for her clients. I made an appointment with her and I could get it done yesterday within a week. I am so happy now because I look like a pop star. My hair feels so soft, shiny, and bouncy too. Regular perm usually dries my hair very badly. I also got compliments from strangers when I went out this morning. Thank you Amy for your service and you always made your clients so happy and satisfied. You are the only one that I trust to get my hair done. Also, I like that each time I come, I assure you are the only one who will fix my hair for me since you moved from another location to your new studio beside your home. Your new location is much better than ever and it is lovely.

Keniece Bondurant ★★★★★
Amy is truly amazing. Unfortunately google only allowed me to post my before photo but not the after (I’ll try again later) but she is truly talented. I’ve never had my hair done before. Not even dyed so I was very nervous at first letting someone do my hair much less something as huge as this treatment since I have extremely curly hair but she did an amazing job and made me feel so welcome. I completely trust her and will continue to go to her salon to get my hair done. I highly recommend her to everyone who asks about my hair now.

Jengy Gomez ★★★★★
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1 months ago-
Amy did a great job! I am mixed descent (tri-racial), and my hair is right around 3A type curly and very hard to straighten from day to day. On top of this, I exercise rigorously at least 4 times a week, making maintenance a pain. This will save me a lot of time! I have chosen to air dry my hair (rather than blow it after it gets wet). I don't mind a wave in my hair and would like to avoid damage. Overall, great service, and at least $300 cheaper than a fancy salon on the Eastside.

Natasha R. ★★★★★
Winthrop, WA

Amazing experience! Amy is talented and a true professional. She did the permanent hair straightening for me, as well as a stylish cut. She was pleasant and amiable, and has a gift with hair. I look forward to going back.

Photo of Magda R.
Magda R.  ★★★★★
Olympia, WA
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 4 photos
I went to Amy's hair salon about two months ago to get a Yuko Japanese hair straightening for my birthday present. A little background- I am 16, and for the past couple years my hair has become ruthlessly crazy and curly! I was sick of spending time straightening and styling my hair and not ever liking the results, so for my birthday my dad offered to let me get my hair straightened professionally. I was so shocked and happy and immediately started researching a place to get my hair a Japanese straightening and came across Amys Website. I called Amy that day and asked when the next available time was for a Japanese straightening was, and she had an opening that weekend and booked me!

Amy was super nice and had snacks, magazines, and tv to keep me busy as she worked on my hair. I'm not going to lie and say it didn't take a long time, for hair as curly as mine it look about 5 hours!! But I am more than happy with the results. My hair is perfectly straight and super easy to style!

I was worried getting my hair chemically treated since it is thin. I thought it would burn off. But from what I can tell there was no damage whatsover and my hair feels and looks as healthy as ever. It has been 2 months and my hair is still perfectly straight. Although, it has grown a tiny bit at the roots, but I won't need a retouch for another 4 months or more most likely. I will definitely return!

Below are photos : before the treatment, after the treatment, one month after the treatment, and two months after the treatment when I curled it. I love it!!! thank you amyyy!!!!

Kim T.  ★★★★★
Redmond, WA
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 2 photos

One day a friend strolled into lunch with sleek, healthy straight hair and I had to know...where and how ? My hair can get frizzy with the slightest drop of rain and you know we get more than one drop here in Seattle. So she told me about this Japanese straightening technique and then shared that it was at Amy's salon. I had to try it for myself
I arrived at Amy's to a cute salon that was located in a detached building behind her residence. Not having to pay for city parking...bonus! Amy made me feel right at home. She looked at my frizzy head and explained the treatment going over it step by step. She then offered me a heated pad for my chair and offered snacks and tea. All good but the proof is in the results! My hair is now as soft, shiny and straight as my friends and I have become a loyal client. She even explained the best way right condition and shampoo my hair for healthy hair and longer results. I'll be back when it's time for a retouch which Amy said may be 6 months to even 8.  
I'm now ready for my trip to some humid filled beach spot if only I had one booked ;)

Go see Amy. You'll be happy you did

5.0 star rating ★★★★★ Terada F 
I'm blown away that Amy doesn't have 5 stars across the board from everyone.

First of all her salon is a cute lil studio behind her house. Inside there is a lil kitchen, big screen tv & comfy couch so my daughter & mom decided to stay while the process was being done. Amy is delightful, such a sweet lady & really knows what she's doing with an attention to detail.

I have the thickest most unruly hair of anyone that I've ever met, also it's very long. When I walked in it was down to my butt but I was wanted a Japanese yuko chemical straightening and waist length hair. 12mo prior to me trying this treatment I had the Brazilian blowout done to my hair twice in one week & neither time worked even slightly, I was so devastated & was even hesitant that this treatment might not work.  

Because of my extremely thick, coarse, curly, long hair this treatment took poor Amy 7hrs to finish but she did it right without skipping details to make sure I left with a huge smile on my face that will last till it grows out. It worked, it really worked!  

Tips: if you've ever had your hair dyed or treated with anything such as a Brazilian blowout wait at least a year if not longer to do this treatment for optimal goals. My hair grows quickly about 6in a year so I could tell that the new hair that had never had Brazilian done to it came out smoother than the rest of my hair, however it all is frizz & curl free so I'm still happy. I need to blow dry it with a brush or flat iron it slightly for the full pin straight look but I don't have time for that so the full bodied straight hair is what I have on the daily now.

I will travel the 3k+ miles each year for the touch up because I finally found someone that could make my mane manageable & I feel so amazing with this new look.

5.0 star rating ★★★★★ Dawn Quiocho
I drove 800 miles from Vallejo CA for Amy's Yuko Japanese Straightening services because she is experienced, professional, not over-priced and always leaves me happy for the next 5 months with smooth, silky hair. I have naturally wavy, thick hair and don't have time to style. This is the only processing of my hair that works for me. I'm already planning my next trip to Seattle to see Amy!
Highly recommend her!

Sonia A.★★★★★
Woodinville, WA
5.0 star rating ★★★★★ 8/7/2016
I had my hair straightening done by Amy. She is very professional and does not rush her clients. With me being 7th month pregnant, she was very patient with me and gave me extra time as I could not sit long on chair.My hair looks super healthy, shiny and frizz free. Best thing about her salon is that she work by appointment only and her salon is super clean and relaxing. I highly recommend this salon to anyone who is looking for straightening their hairs.

Srividhyaa B.
Portland, OR
5.0 star rating ★★★★★   1/8/2016
She is the best. I have been to stylists who charge twice as much but not even half as good. She promises the end result of a hair cut at the very beginning itself and the haircut turns out to be as perfect as she describes it to be. And oh, her Yuko straightening is amazing. My stylist for the rest of my time in Seattle is Amy!

Alicia H.
Bothell, WA
5.0 star rating ★★★★★ 
First to Review
I have been getting the Japanese thermal hair straightening about 4 years now and I can say for sure Amy's salon is the best of the best! She is very skilled in the specific hair treatments offered and always knows exactly what you need for the best result!!

Amy has just moved to Bothell which is nice for me since I used to always drive down to Burien (still well worth the drive) Everytime I come in I'm treated with such friendly service and hospitality. Since a lot of the hair treatments take a while, there is always snacks, drinks and magazines available. As well as a TV now too with different Netflix shows to choose from.

But beyond the fact of it being so comfortable, let me talk about the real reason I come....my hair. I was always nervous about going to the right place for Japanese thermal hair straightening since its a long process (4-6 hours) and if not done correctly can be very damaging. After going to many salons, getting consultations, hair samples taken ect.... 

I finally took a chance on Amy's. All I can say it's it's one of the best decisions i have ever made. I always leave the salon with my hair feeling healthier and stronger. Before my hair was frizzy and damaged. I would straighten it everyday to try to make it look as healthy as possible but I only hurt it more. I was in denial that anyone could really help/fix my hair. But since getting the treatment, my hair is shiny, dries perfectly straight, my blow drying time was cut in half. I was finally able to grow out my hair like I wanted. Everything about it was amazing. This treatment is only for the people that want their hair really straight all the time. But if you are looking for something to relax your curls or deep condition she has treatments for it too. Plus she offers a lot of deal on her website. 

Bottom line, I definitely recommend coming in if you want some gorgeous locks. I'll definitely be coming back soon! Thanks Amy :)


Courtney olga  ★★★★★
I have been coming here for almost three years to get my hair straightened. The friendly service from the two ladies that work here and hair results are the reason I continue to come back. I would recommend this salon if you are looking for great results on hair straightening.

mingma sherpa  ★★★★★
I have been here about 3 times now to get the Japanese hair straightening and I have also brought my sister in for same reason. Amy and Christine makes a great team. They are both very nice and know what they are doing. I have been to few other places before to get my hair straighten but the quality of the service has never been satisfactory. Amy's salon is great cause I have always gotten the result I needed and my hair is very hard to work with.

Amy and her staff are incredible and talented and clear experts. My hair is VERY curly and with their Yuko straightening system, my hair is shiny, healthy, straight, soft whether I blow it dry or let it drip dry. Everyone at the salon is wonderful and worth every cent.
Hair-Smoothing or Straightening Treatment
Zerran RealLisse or Anti-Frizz by YUKO Treatment

★★★★★ Zerran Reform Hair Straightening System
Lisa T. 
I've been going to Amy's Hair Salon for almost two years and have done the Yuko Hair Straightening system for many years. I thought that was great until Amy suggested the new Zerran Reform System. Zerran Reform is the greatest! It has straightened my hair but still left some body in it, and it looks so natural! With the Yuko system, my hair was so flat for weeks that it felt like if just stuck to my head. With Reform, my hair is just as straight, but a little natural body look and shine. Amy does an excellent job with Reform and I would highly recommend the Reform system over Yuko if you want just a little bounce and body, not totally flat on your head look. Reform uses natural products and is also a permanent hair straightening method, with no slight after smell like you would get from the Yuko method. As a Yuko customer for years, I am now switching to Reform for a more natural straightening, both in look, feel, and shine. I highly recommend Amy's Hair Salon and Reform - both are in a class above others!
July 06, 2011

★★★★★ Hairstyle Treatment

Renee K. 5

Just recently, I had went into Amy's Hair Salon. She suggested a treatment called Zerran Reallisse Vegan Hair Smoothing System. It's been two weeks now, and several washings and my hair is still smooth and silky (babylike). I have been going to Amy's Hair Salon since 1995, and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my hair. She keeps me up with all the latest hairstyles. Thanks Amy!

March 25, 2011


Highly recommended! ★★★★★ 

By Jan D

I've been Amy's client for 12 years! Always so pleased at her artistry. Amy has cut, colored and styled my hair for all my acting photos and movies.One of many compliments was from an on-set stylist for a Disney movie who wanted to know who cut my hair and said it was terrific! Very reasonable rates.Yes, it's a long drive from Edmonds but the three times I tried local hair stylists were disastrous. Amy had to fix both color and cut. It's worth the time to get there to be able to relax, let Amy be creative and know I will always look current and youthful. I like the manicures and brow tweezes. My daughters think she's terrific too.

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★★★★★ Thank you, Amy, for a great experience
Tracy P. 
Amy's is a diamond in the rough. She offers high-end services such as the Brazilian Blowout and Japanese straight perm at very competitive prices. It is nearly in Burien, in a little house remodeled into a salon. When I called, Amy herself answered the phone. But don't be fooled by the modesty of the salon because I was very impressed by the salon and services.
I scheduled an appointment for hair straightening. I was given a consultation to see which straightening service would suit my needs. Amy measured my hair (cost is measured by how much hair in inches after shoulder length) and showed me a breakdown of how much it would cost. The Brazilian Blowout loosens the curl and improves the overall look of your hair (silky and shiny). The Japanese straight perm changes the chemical makeup of your cuticle. You will step out the shower with straight hair. It is also nearly twice the price. Grow out is also more obvious.
I went with the Brazilian Blowout, which was very popular. Every person in the salon while I was there was getting it done. There was three stylists (including Amy) and four clients, which we were rotated between color, shampoo, straightening, drying, etc. While one person was under the lamp for highlights, the others were getting their hair straightened, flat ironed, or shampooed, etc. It was very busy. I highly recommend setting an appointment a week in advance. Because I was getting my hair straightened, colored, cut, and styled, I was there about 4 hours. They offer you snacks and beverages since you're there for so long. In the Brazilian Blowout, they paint your hair with the relaxer, blow dry it, and flat iron it. This seals in the product. Then they wash it out, blow dry it, and flat iron it again. Add color and style services to that and you see why I was there for 4 hours.
I was really impressed by the consultation. Amy is very upfront with what you will expect and how much you will be charged. This was very appreciated because you don't want to be surprised with what you expected to pay. For the Brazilian Blowout, highlights, overall color, cut, style, and 2 products, I paid about $500. If you research other salons, you will know this is an absolute steal.
After 4 hours, my hair was GORGEOUS. If you have curly hair, you know you will never have silky, soft hair. BUT I DID. It was completely straight, smooth, and silky. The fact that I had just gotten my hair straightened and colored, AND that my hair looked like that was AMAZING. I wanted to go a light red. But Amy (in her experience and intelligent insight) recommended we go a little darker red in order to keep my hair healthy. The result was gorgeous. I was really happy with the color we agreed on because it was multidimensional.
After washing my hair, it is now in soft waves. It is important to use the after care products (sulfate-free shampoo) to retain your investment. The Brazilian Blowout will NOT make your hair bone straight. It just softens the curl. Depending how tight your curl is, you may go from curly to wavy. But it also makes it soft and shiny. If you want completely straight hair, you should go with the Japanese straight perm.
I've been to many other high-end salons, (I personally hate Gene Juarez- they ruined my hair!) and never have been so satisfied with the end result. I really feel like I got my money's worth. Thank you, Amy, for a great experience. I'll be back!
August 26, 2010
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Linda M_★★★★★____________________________________________________
I am a regular at Amy's Salon as is my daughter.  I am happy with their services.  Amy is so nice and she stands by her work.  If you don't like what she did call her up and she gladly reschedules you and does what she can to make you happy.  Her shop has a very relaxed atmosphere, soft music, tea, snacks if you get hungry.  You can call and get an appointment quickly, at the time that best works for you.  I love the way Amy cuts my hair, I can bring her a picture and walk out with pretty much the same haircut.  She is also excellent at styling my hair, I wish I could make it look so good.  They offer other services too, I have not had the chance to try them out yet.    You should give Amy's Salon a try, I highly recommend her.

★★★★★ Stephanie W.

Seattle, WA
9/22/2010 I just got the Brazilian Blowout done today at the salon.  It was a great experience. 

I called in two days before, Amy picked up the phone and answered my questions patiently.  Today, I got lost looking for the place and was late for 30 minutes, but Amy was totally cool with it.  The salon was small and cozy.  Everyone there was very friendly and they provided me with drinks and snacks.  I felt welcomed. 

There were four girls taking turns to deal with my hair, and the treatment lasted for about one and a half hour like what Amy told me.  When I had requests, such as how I wanted my bangs and wanted more volume, they would try to fulfill them.  The length of my hair was about 5 inches below shoulder, and the final cost for the Brazilian Blowout only was $245 for me, that included a $100 off discount. 

Right before I left, they recommended me buying the aftercare products to extend the lifetime of the treatment, but I only purchased the shampoo and the conditioner, since they all cost about $35 each.  Buying all four of the products will cost me another $150, and that was unexpected.  They told me that the products were crucial for extending the lifetime of the treatment and there are no alternatives for these products out there.  However, they did not push hard when I only wanted the shampoo and the conditioner, which I appreciated. 

Overall, I highly recommend Amy's salon to everyone.  The service was excellent, and the price was very reasonable.


★★★★★Best Choice, Hands Down
Eric M. 5 Amys Salon Services
I'm a guy with relatively short hair. I like to have the japanese straightening done every few months because afterwards my hair requires 0 work. Or, if I do want to style it, it way easier.

Most salons either wouldn't touch my hair (because it is short) or would still charge me $700+ (even though it takes less time than a woman with long hair)

Amy's salon does an excellent job for less than half of what the other salons charge. They are a fun team of people and work very quickly. I was offered water/coffee/tea and snacks throughout the process and I'm always pleased with the end result.

I wish they were closer to Downtown Seattle, but it's defenitely worth making the trip. They have my repeat business.

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  ★★★★★Amy's is quite simply the BEST!
Karen S. 5 Amys Salon Services
Since coming to Seattle over 15 years ago, I have been a client of a very well know salon chain (GJ). So when I learned about the Japanese hair straightening process I had a dilemma. It seemed that this was a process that required great skill so I searched for info on the salons that offer this service. Because I had been a client of my former salon for ages I looked to them. In all of the chains salons there is only one technician that does this process. I made an appointment and unfortunately on the day of my service the technician was ill so they canceled my appt. It was the very best thing that happened. I had heard about Amys salon also, did more research and then, made my appt. It was destiny that I found Amy and Christine. As one of the other reviewers stated; you will not find crystal, silver and a staff that outnumber the guests. What you will find is Amy and Christine who are truly experts in this process. I used to spend 3 hours every other day washing, drying and straightening my hair and another hour ever day straightening it after sleeping. I just wish I had known about this process years ago. Think about all those hours I could have saved. It now takes me 15 minutes from wet to perfectly styled hair. It is the best money I have ever spent and if you think it is expensive check out GJ which starts at double Amys fee. You dont need all those hair styling product either. I had spent hundreds of dollars on styling products to get my hair straight. Just use the sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and you are good to go. I now come to Amy for all my hair services. She cut my hair as it lies differently when straight. I also went to her for my color, also exquisite. Every service is well worth the fee and the drive from Kirkland. Amys Salon is quite simply the best!

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  ★★★★★Japanese Hair Straightening
Terry F. 5 Amys Salon Services
DO NOT judge this book by it's cover!!! It is not a swanky salon/spa. You will not get filtered water served to you in a water goblet or a glass of chardonnay from grapes grown in a valley in some remote village in the south of France (don't get me wrong...LOVE all that too). But...what you will get is straight forward stylists who have done the Japanese hair straightening process (Yuko) for over a decade with repeat customers that appreciate the skill that comes with that experience.

Both Amy and Christine worked on my hair on Saturday. It was a long and tedious process and while it was hard sitting in the chair for all those hours (over 5 hours) it was definitely worth every minute. FYI, prepare yourself, bring a book, ipod, snacks, etc....it helps.

I just washed my hair for the first time after the "curing" period was completed. My hair is STRAIGHT - I put some curl in the ends because Japanese straightening makes your hair pin straight. It took me a minute to put the curl in the ends.

I am so very thrrrrrrillled with the results! Do your research, I did mine. I took all reviews into consideration. With those experienced in this process (and there are few who are truly experienced) you will not find a single stylist in the Seattle/Bellevue area WITHOUT at least one negative review. Ultimately, you will have to feel comfortable with who you choose. I am so happy I went to Amy's. I will definitely be going back.

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The Best- lawliet- ★★★★★  May 27, 2009

I have gotten my hair straightened in other salons, but Amy did the best job of all at the best price! I am really happy with her work and would highly recommend the salon. Go to Amy's, you won't be disappointed! I will definitely be going there again for my next appointment.

Great service at a reasonable price
by lc1979  ★★★★★
July 15, 2009
I just got the Japanese hair straightening done, and it is totally worth it. I'm a believer now. My hair is so much more easier to manage. I don't have to fight the mountain of hair anymore. I washed my hair yesterday after the 72 hour waiting period and it dried so straight.
Amy was great and very professional. She cut and textured my hair as well, and did an awesome job! I will be going back to Amy's for years to come.

Amy's Salon Services is The Best.  5
By Brenda S.★★★★★ Amy's Salon Services
Thank you so much Amy! You truly are a magician! I feel so fortunate to have discovered you and your extraordinary talents cutting, coloring, and straightening with the truly amazing Brazilian conditioning. I would never have imagined the change it would all make. I feel like Cinderella every day now, and you are my fairy godmother. I look forward to many beautiful years ahead with you taking such wonderful care of me and my soft, shiny, straight golden blonde :) and most sincere gratitude for your above and beyond care and service, with most gracious welcome and consideration to open and come in to take care of me at last moment notice on holiday. Your unique personal customer service cannot be beat. Your specialized salon services are the absolute best, and I am recommending you to everyone I know!

Posted 09/24/09

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Amy's Salon Services is a GREAT Experience :)  5
By Sara H .★★★★★ Amy's Salon Services
I've just been to amy's salon a week ago they're very friendly and sweet + the salon is very clean and comfortable. I went for keratin treatment my hair was damaged and the color was terrible, now the result is wonderful my hair looks healthy and under control ;) thanx girls u made me happy and u gained my trust...I would go back there for suuuuuuuuuuuuure

Posted 06/12/09

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Stephany J ★★★★★
I talked to a few hair salons in the Seattle area and could not to afford to try the Japanese Thermal Straightening until I found Amy's Salon.

It's been over 6 months now and my hair has grown out quite a bit...  STILL better than before!!!

It was completely worth the time and money for me. My poofy, thick, frizzy, dry, etc, hair was made absolutely beautiful. People noticed and I felt like a got a makeover! I'll be back for a touch up asap!

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3 reviews
S R.  ★★★★★
Seattle, WA

I just recently had got the japanese thermal straightening done here and I'm so happy with the results. They did a great job and I love the feel of my hair. My hair was very over-processed with multiple perms so I was scared about getting this done. I have no regrets! The only reason that I didn't give 5 stars is b/c I was promised a sample take-home hair product but when I left, the owner was gone and must've not told her employee b/c she didn't know what I was talking about. This is pretty minor so I'm not fretting over it. It took a long time but they offer you snacks and drinks and there are plenty of magazine to look at. Overall, great place!

Another thing, pay in cash. They will charge you a fee if you use your credit card!

0 friends
8 reviews
nikol c. ★★★★★
Bellevue, WA

loved my treatment here! I was nervous after reading the last review but I do not know where that person went because this place is great.

I had three people working on me at once so I was able to get out of there in 1.5 hours, even though I have long hair.

I got the Brazilian Blow out and this is the REAL BBO made by the brand that started it all. No Formeldahide.

It is a small place and not a SPA but they had snacks and drinks and made me feel very comfortable.

Prices were very resonable and I just LOVE the result.

Excellent Service!! 
By Jennifer S. ★★★★★
I have been a customer here for almost 10 years now, and would never go anywhere else. I came to Amy's Salon after another hair dresser completely ruined my hair from a horrible color job. I am so happy I stopped into Amy's shop. Not only did she fix my hair, but she gained my trust, which was going to be very hard to do after the last hairdresser damaged my hair so bad!! I know that every time I go in for a service at Amy's, I will come out happy. I have healthy hair again and I am so grateful for that. Both of the girls are so nice and do a great job. I will be coming here for services for years to come, and I joke with Amy that she can never retire!! I don't know what I would do without her. Thank you so much Amy for everything over the years! I really appreciate you! :-)

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Wonderful service 
By Lara N.  ★★★★★
I had my Brazilian Keratin Treatment done at Amy's salon. They were so kind and sweet. The process took 3.5 hours and (the name escapes me now) the nice lady and Amy worked on my hair and made me very comfortable. My hair is soft and manageable Thank you Amy!!!!I would go back there in a heartbeat!Lara Nelson

Posted 05/20/09 | Printable Version

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The Best! 
By Jan D. ★★★★★
Amy is a very talented hairdresser. I have been seeing her for years and I wouldn't go to anyone else, even though I have to drive to Burien all the way from Mill Creek.She always does a wonderful job and her suggestions are right on the mark.I trust her to always make me look my best.

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Great Service and Unbeatable Price 
By Thuytien G.  ★★★★★
I just had a Japanese thermal straightening done at Amys Hair Salon and the experience was amazing. The price she quoted me was the best in town and the Japanese system really works! My hair was very dry and frizzy but after my visit at Amys Hair Salon-it was as if I have totally different hair. I love the way it turned out; smooth,healthy, shiny and the cut she gave me was very stylish!! I cant thank Amy and her co-worker Christina enough for the great service and result. I highly recommend Amy's Hair Salon and I will definitely come back again!!!!

Posted 04/23/09 | Printable Version

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Angela D. ★★★★★ 

Seattle, WA
A good friend  with thick, wavy, coarse hair like mine Emailed me and told me I must try this "Japanese Hair Straightening". So I saw the photos of her new FABULOUS straight hair and decide I needed to do some googling.  (Hair dryers and flat irons are not my friends!)

What I first discovered was that A) there aren't many salons in Seattle that do it and B) it's expensive and time consuming!

So I turned to Yelp, which I use all the time for guidance.  I narrowed it down to Amy's and one other salon.  I was shocked to read the one reviewer's  hair burning/scalping review regarding their experience with hair straightening at  Amy's Salon . But, I am not one to count on one reviewer's extreme review, ever, I don't  care how many other reviews they have given.  I took it into account and read and investigated some more.  I found other sites that had good reviews for Amy's and with a bit of trepidation called Amy's Salon for an appointment.  Why, did I pick this salon vs. others? Well, the others seemed to be very upscale and very expensive. 

Amy herself answered the phone, and told me she could get me in that week (doubt that would happen at the fancy salon!).  We also discussed the differences between the Japanese straightening and the Brazilian.  There are lots of differences but the Brazilian costs less.  She estimated my shoulder length hair to cost about $250

So last Friday at 10:30 I went to get my hair straightened.  I was running late and sheepishly called Amy from my car and told her I would be 30 minutes late.  She was so nice about it and told me to still come in, no problem. 

Once I arrived (it's almost in Burien on 1st Ave.) Amy greeted me, she is a gorgeous Vietmanese gal with beautiful hair. She introduced me to Chris, the second stylist who would be working on my big ol' head o' hair that day.  We sat down and she consulted with me about the Brazilian and Japanese processes.  I expected that she would push the more expensive Japanese on me, and I was already leaning toward the Brazilian (it seemed less damaging and the photos I found on the next seemed like the hair looked shinier)  Amy agreed with me that the Brazilian would probably work best for me.  So off we go, the FIRST thing she told me was to be SURE to use a Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) free shampoo. Well, I stopped using SLS products a while back, so that was no problem,  but she explained there was a reason for it, the SLS strips the Keratin treatment faster and the hair may become wavy/curly again a lot faster than it should. 

Now the process, is a pain. (Nothing to do with the stylist, but I hate sitting for long periods in a salon!)  The Brazilian Keratin straightening takes less time than the Japanese but she said I should expect to be there about 3 hours and she was correct.   The process goes something like this:
She segments your hair and then applies this stuff to each small part of hair (it looks like thick lotion) afterwards they sit you under a hair dryer for about 20 minutes and then they (2 people) blow dry each segment of hair while pulling taut and your hair actually steams up (I was really afraid they were "Frying" my hair and it would be ruined! ) Then after that, they take very,very hot flat irons (hair straighteners) and go back over each piece (the whole time your hair is (steaming/smoking) Oh yes, you must wear a mask due to the chemicals.  Afterwards my hair was pin straight, but a little gummy/greasy looking.  I was very surprised that unlike other hair procedures I have had in the past (perms, color)  the product does not get washed out. 

As I paid, it ended up being $300 (my hair was longer than shoulder length and an extra charge for my very, very thick, resistant hair! Also included the $15 haircut!)   Amy emphasized very strongly that I was NOT to wash my hair for 4 days!   So, gals (or guys for all I know), don't plan on getting this done prior to any important events, because you cannot "hide" the hair by clipping it up or ponytailing it, (the object is to reinforced the straightn-ness as the hair "cures") .  So for four days everytime I got my hair even slightly wet (rain) or shower steam, I used my flat iron over it.  After all, I had a $300 investment!

So today, I washed my hair for the first time.  Oh my, it is so soft, so straight (but not pin straight, but that's good) There was a little breakage, but I expected it, I get that from every hair process I've ever had.  My hair air dried so much faster than usual, and I then ran a flat iron/straightener through it for about 2 minutes and I was done.  I LOVE IT, and will get it done again in a few months or however long it lasts. 

One word about Amy, I noticed she had a lot of "senior" clients. Getting their once a week "hairdos", I suggested she might want to increase her haircut price ($15!!?)  She said, "I'm fine, it's okay", with a sweet smile.  Gotta love that!

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Ali D. ★★★★★

Seattle, WA
I just got the Brazilian Hair straightening/conditioning done to my hair and I LOVE IT!! This is a miracle for your hair. I have had curly hair my entire life, and anyone with curly locks knows it can be hard to grow long and gets frizzy easily. I have tried everything in the past and this is the first thing that really works. After the process, my hair is still curly (but more wavy than tight curls) and it look soo much healthier, shinier, and all around better. I don;t have to use product in my hair anymore either (i used to rely on gel/mouse/the works)

I first got this treatment done when I was back in NY and they did a good job, but it was very pricey. I found Amy's in Seattle, and she does a GREAT job and it is much less expensive. This is the 3rd time that I have gotten this done at Amy's and every time she does a great job (and it is usually faster as well since she usually has 2 people working on my hair at one time).

Honestly, i could not be happier with this treatment. My hair looks and feel so much better. Also - it is great for all hair types. My mom and my sister have gotten this done as well. My sister has wavy hair, and now she does not have to blow dry it straight - it will just dry that way. My mom also had slightly wavy hair as well and it just looks much healthier all around and also dries straight. The person who recommended this process to me had the most amazing results - her hair used to be like straw and I was taken aback when I saw pictures because her hair looked like 100% better.

I don;t know about the bad review, but i have only had great experiences every time that I have been there. Also, Amy and her staff have always been professional and very sweet.

That is my two cents!. i recommend this process and Amy's Salon to everyone!

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By Sonna J. ★★★★★
I have been going to Amy's for over 6 years and am always happy with my hair cuts, permanents, styling and coloring. This salon was in the area where I lived so it was handy for me but two years ago, I moved to Bellevue and continue to go back because I get exactly what I want. Amy is very skilled at what she does for me including manicures and waxing which I get done there. The prices are moderate and the service good. I highly recommend all the services there - try it once and you will return!!!

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excelent service and quality work at a discounted price. 
By John R.  ★★★★★
My daughter has rather bushy hair which she doesn't like. She's 13. I took her to have it flat ironed at another hair place just to see if she really liked her hair straight. (The place we had that done, doesn't offer the full chemical treatment for straightening). I checked some of the local salons in my area and found that the Japanese style of straightening would be $450. (I didn't realize it would be so expensive). I decided to check on the Internet to learn more about the hair straightening process and salons that do this. I found this site and saw the reviews for Amys plus noted that the prices were about half of the other salons that I looked at locally. I called to find out the approximate price and to ask lots of questions about the process. They talked to me over the phone and gave me a lot of helpful information. I made an appointment to take my daughter over to Amys just so they could look and give me a final price, $220 which was expensive (at least it was to a father who doesn't know about the price of hair treatments anyway - I'm used to a $10 haircut), but certainly a bargain for what other places were charging. Actually it was an excellent price (after all, the process takes about 5 hours) and they did a fantastic job. My daughter's hair is nice and straight (and will be that way until it grows out in about 6 to 12 months), she loves it. Amys is a quality salon - it may not be an elegant salon but then it doesn't have the corresponding high prices either. They are a wonderful group of hair stylists who performed magic on my daughter's hair. They did so for about 1/2 the price of other places. To me this was a wonderful salon that took great care with my daughter's hair and she ended up with hair exactly like she imagined it and wanted it to be. I can't recommend this place more highly. If you're looking for a highly overpriced trendy salon with a famous name in an upscale mall, this isn't it. But if you're looking for upscale trendy famous name results for an extremely fair price in with good honest highly skilled hair stylists, then this is the place. If you want your hair straightened Japanese style, this is the place.

Posted 06/30/08 | Printable Version

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Touched by an Asian Angel                                            
 Posted by jimbonmo ★★★★★ on 07/06/2008

This is one of the finest places in Seattle to stop in for a hair cut. Amy, the beautiful owner, has a touch that is light as a feather. Prices are very reasonable and the environment is very comfortable. A great place to go for a nice modern, clean cut.

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wouldn'tgo any place else 
By JC T.  ★★★★★
I have been a customer of Amy's Salon since 2001. Service, workmanship, quality is why. The salon is clean and welcoming, staff friendly and know what they are doing.

If I could give 10 stars, I would. I have and will continue to refer friends to Amy's Salon.

JC Taylor

Posted 09/27/08 | Printable Version

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Super Straightened system 
By Jessica J.  ★★★★★
Mom took me to the Amy's Hair Service today to get my hair straightened...Most the time i just go there with my mom to get the hair cut, but this time i want to Straight my hair..so i asked the stylist over there doing that for me. It's so amazing guys...My hair was so fizz and a lot of curly weavy, but after 6hr my hair completely different..It's so straight, smooth, and look nice....I love it....i don't have to straight my hair every time with flat iron now....i can curl my hair when i want, but the straight will stay long...The straighten over there is so good, price is a deal too....i just can say how much i love my hair right now....i

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Need hair Straightened ...Go there..... 
By Phuong N. ★★★★★
My hair was really thick and curly....realy curly... i have done for straighting my hair at many place, but it wasn't keep last long. i have been introduced from my friend to get hair straightened at Amy's hair salon...it was so nice....My hair got straighting really really straight. They used the good permanent straighting theory which keep my hair really straight right now...i have been almost more than 6 months already ( for my friend..it has been straightened for 1 yr already)...In additional, the service over there is great...They 're greeting customer..I would recommended whoeve rhave a natural curly hair to go over there get straighting.

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I Love My Straight Hair 
By Bonnie M. ★★★★★
My hair has never looked better! The entire texture of the hair is straight and shiny now. I used to have curly, frizz hair, until I had the Japanese Hair Straightening done by Amy, she did a great job on my hair. When I get out of the shower, my hair stays straight and it takes me couple minutes to fix my hair.

Posted 06/03/08 | Printable Version

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The most amazing hair stylist. 
By Selena L. ★★★★★
The most amazing hair stylist I ever have. Me, my family and my friends wont go anywhere else to get our hair done or color. All of the stylists are very professional, knowledgeable, nice and friendly with awesome services. They are really good at understanding exactly what you want. I have been consistently impressed and I always walked out of Amys Salon Services feeling fresh and fabulous!

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Japanese hair straightening 
By Wendy L. ★★★★★
I've been doing this to my hair for 4 years now. It was wonderful. My hair was thick, curls, and it frizzes easily. The straightening process made it slick, never frizzy, and it seemed healthier than before.I been going to Amy's for 2 1/2 years (good prices and great services).

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***Keratin Treatments***

We don't do any keratin treatments in our salon even if it says formaldehyde free!

Any  Keratin Treatments or Brazilian Blowouts contain some form of  FORMALDEHYDE  even 
though it says "NO FORMALDEHYDE".
There are several cancer causing chemicals that turn into FORMALDEHYDE when apply heat
or during the process.
The fact is, Keratin is just a protein most our hairs and nails are made of, it just can't 
straighten your hair by itself.”

Japanese Thermal Straightening 
Yuko Anti-Frizz Smoothing Treatment

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$100 OFF

 Appointment Text: 206-241-7355 
Email: amyssalonservices@gmail.com
4405 212TH St. SE
Bothell, WA 98021
Japanese Digital  Perm

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All of our staff are certified beauticians and stylists specialize in:
Yuko Japanese Straightening Reconditioning  
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Korean Iron Perm
Japanese Digital Perm
Hair Care Services
Amy's salon Services. Our courteous and professional staff has served Seattle Area women and men for over twenty seven years now, with results worth boasting about. Come visit our salon in Bothell and experience like never before the beauty within yourself.