Japanese Straightening Thermal Reconditioning/Re-bonding 


What is Japanese Hair Straightening? (Thermal Reconditioning, Re-bonding)It was 1St Developed in Japan and spread to other parts of Asia, Before becoming popular in the United States.
Japanese Straightening takes three to six hours, where by your frizzy hair is straightened. At the chemistry level, "cystine bonds" that hold the curl or wave pattern are broken up. Immediate treatment with a straightening iron permanently rebonds the hair. As a result the hair then becomes straight.
The Japanese Straightening last up to six months, when the hair starts growing out again. Touch-ups are required every six months following an initial treatment.
We Are Specialty Japanese Hair Straightening (Since 1999)
Thermal Reconditioning is a straightening system that reconditions your hair while refining its texture. Thermal Reconditioned hair stays straight, silky, and smooth - even in foggy and humid climates.
Japanese's hair straightening system reshapes hair and increases its manageability. No longer will you need to spend hours just to achieve a smooth sleek look.  Clients with short or long hair - even color treated or highlighted hair - have been amazed with the results. Consultations are available, and highly recommended. Contact us now to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.
(Yuko System ) 

More Information about Japanese Hair Straightening

According to recent research, about 66% of American women with wavy or curly hair attempt to straighten or smooth it everyday. Most straightening process usually take 30 to 45 minutes for an average woman. That is 3.5 hours to 5.25 hours a week and 182 hours to 273 hours a year. How much time did you waste last year?
If you are tired of your frizzy hair, look no further -- Japanese hair straightening might just be the solution you have been looking for.
Japanese hair straightening is one of the most innovative hair-care technology of recent years. You probably have already heard a lot about it from magazines, websites, TV, and radio. Japanese hair straightening was invented by a little lady named Yuko Yamashita in Japan, and the very first Japanese hair straightening system was named after her -- the "Yuko System™."
So what Japanese hair straightening can do for you anyway? It can repair, smooth, and straighten frizzy hair. It's one of the most popular hair beauty service that many Hollywood movie stars and supermodels have been using. The reason is simple -- it improves your hair's feel, softness and shine while making it completely straight and manageable!
In the old days, the solution to curly, frizzy hair was chemical straightener, a lot of brushing, pulling, and blow-drying, which produced damaged and crunchy hair. By the end of the day, your hair would look horrible. If you want to go out in the evening, the whole straightening routine starts all over again. My guess is this might just be the kind of torture your hair has to go through almost everyday.
The good news is this latest hair restructuring technology has completely revolutionized the way women straighten their hair. Your frizzy hair blues is finally over, FOR GOOD! Japanese hair straightening does more than just straighten your hair, it also repairs and rejuvenates your hair. The result is nothing less than a miracle -- your hair is smooth, silky, healthier, manageable with more shine. Generally, your hair will stay like that for about six months.
Although with all the hype out there, the process of Japanese hair straightening is extremely lengthy and difficult. As much as you want to, it shouldn't be done by yourself or just by "any salon". Why? Without proper training and experience in such hair straightening technique, it's a very "dangerous" experiment to try. Most salons have very little experience and are incompetent to give such treatment, therefore, they produced poor results. That is costly -- both to your money and your hair! My advice is you should always investigate the experience of the salon where you will get the treatment done. Couple testimonials and before-and-after pictures can also be helpful to your decision.
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